How the fluff do you get on the top platform


anyone have any idea at all…

Strategy for Climbing to 3rd Deck
Climbing ideas?
Level 2 or 3 Deck Mechanism

You can push up from under the bumpers, you can drive up another robot, you can hook onto it… there’s a lot of different ways.


You drive at about 38 mph at the ramp, that should get you onto the first platform


this is how:


having hope?


just do a backflip onto the third level

Getting to Level 3

genius!! i can’t believe i didn’t think of that


Nah, faceplant onto the platform. Just make sure you pull your legs up behind you and your bumpers end up high enough.


I found an implementation


I’ve had 2 ideas so far.

  1. tip your robot over onto it (knock it off balance with pneumatics)
  2. grab the sides with an arm over the top, and tip back (controlled this time)

but that’s about it. The manual kept referring to supporting another robot, so maybe lift others onto it?


amazing 11/10 recommend for everyone


get some help from boston dynamics


I suggest looking for videos of FRC in 2004. They may be educational in terms of methods used.


No, Reverse Slinky:


I think teamwork will be incredibly helpful to get to that top platform this season.


I found this and this lego robot. The bot-stair ratio is even more exaggerated than our bot-stair ratio, but weight could be a problem.


magic is obviously the only option in this scenario.


Just had a moment of genius, we use python and type import box.climb and it should work.


My actual first thought was to make a copy of Atlas and just make him do back flips all around


No, we go to Minecraft and use /tp robot top of stairs

Solo climb to level 3?