How the fluff do you get on the top platform


This could be viable, assuming you design your drivetrain such that your front/back wheels are as close to the frame perimeter as possible. The bumpers could prove difficult though.


I initally thought of


best idea I’ve heard so far :rofl:


This has been done for Ages! Especially by Heavy Machinery:

Now I agree however, Getting the Robot to do it faster than 6 minutes might be a bit more difficult :wink:


Our team hasn’t quite gotten to prototyping, but biased off of personal thought, I would suggest looking at real life examples of items that can get up on surfaces like that. My biggest thought is of a Ambulance Stretcher. Adding pneumatic power to replace the assistance of humans, and adding motors to the base of each of the wheels, would allow it to push its self to the correct height and drive into position. Finally you would have two free rolling wheels at the front (exposed) to support the robot after it has been driven into place (like a ambulance gurney). Next, the first set of wheels closest to the wall would rise back up, and the back two reaming would push the majority of the robot into place. Finally, the back two wheels would rise up, and the front two powered wheels would pull it the rest of the way forward.

Does that make sense to ya’ll? Does that break any rules i’m unaware off? Full warning I’m formally the business lead so perhaps this would never work but I would love to hear what you guys think!

PS I already posted this on the other thread but wanted to make sure lots of people get a chance to give feedback.


I feel that some of these ideas violate bumper rules, specifically ideas that involve lifting the robot with a mechanism that extends out from under the robot


Bumper Rules do not apply in the HAB zone.


Could you tell me where you see that in the manual?


R26 i believe but that’s of the top of my head


G23. Keep your BUMPERS low. BUMPERS must be in the BUMPER ZONE (see R25) during the MATCH unless a ROBOT is completely in its HAB ZONE or supported by a ROBOT completely in its HAB ZONE. A ROBOT is “completely in its HAB ZONE” if its BUMPERS are entirely between its ALLIANCE WALL and the vertical plane defined by its HAB LINE.


Well, I think specifically the rule about bumpers needing to be in the bumper zone don’t apply. Check rule G23. Other bumper rules such as the rule banning articulating bumpers still apply.


Here is an option brought to you by Dean Kamen:


You could have floor jacks like in Indy Cars and have them be curved at the end so the robot could lean towards the platform, or even better have floor jacks with wheels so it can roll towards the platform, they would have to be some strong wheels though. Obviously it would depend on the weight of your robot and if you have your weight evenly distributed, and if you have a low center of gravity. Because if you don’t have enough weight distributed to the front the robot will never lean forward for the front wheels to be able to make contact with the platform.
Hope my ideas can help, have a great season.


Many of these ideas, Excavator, Deans chair, Hummer etc… all have a very large rake angle. Meaning nothing between the wheels and the front of the vehicle. We have bumpers that will hit anything before the wheels hit.


I agree. The bumpers certainly make things more difficult. You could make some extra wheels that flop/extend out to overcome this challenge.


Thank you!



Inspiration with a California twist


love it!


Actual answer, take a look at 2004. Not so much the bar, but some of the designs for getting up the platform. Wildstang is my personal favourite


Speed racer po-go wheels?