How the fluff do you get on the top platform


the only problem is those robots don’t have bumpers


Until about 5 minutes ago, I was under the impression that the HAB zone was just the platforms. In case someone else was under the same impression, I’ll leave this image here.



So if bumper rules don’t apply in the HAB ZONE, does that mean no rule against intentionally tipping over?


During the brainstorm sesh for this issue I suggested using an arm that clipped onto either the ground, 2nd, or top level and to do a forward somersault to land upside down on the top plat. Not sure how the arms would work quite yet, but might be viable for short bots.


If you mean tipping yourself over, yes, that’s how I read it; you can lift yourself on jacks or knock yourself over in the HAB if you want to. G19 still prohibits intentionally tilting the robots on the other alliance.

Also note that while the HAB zone explicitly includes the HAB line, it implicitly excludes the alliance wall and guard rails, so you can’t react against them except by pushing per G15.


Any thoughts on using 12" stroke Dart Linear Actuators to lift robot straight up, and maybe mount some powered wheels to the end of them? I think they should have more than enough torque to lift a 155 Lb robot, but I worry about putting lateral forces on them.


They would probably have the strength, but they’re still an inch short of the level 2-3 jump, assuming no losses.


If you do it at 88 mph you could even have some extra time to go score more cargo or hatch panels. :grimacing:


If you didn’t see my post in the other thread about this subject. Here is another video to look at.


Our team is looking at making a ramp (or 2) on our bot… JUST FOR YOU!

Yes you heard that right
The simple solution is to rely on the belief that someone else will solve that problem for you

But real talk, were working on making sure y’all get up to that platform.


One strategy our team discussed was having an angled ramp on our robot so our alliance partner can drive to the top, while we sit on the low. This gives us the 15 necessary points for the ranking point. Someone brought it up as a joke, but we are actually going to start prototyping it.


IDK how that could be a joke! Completely legitimate idea that was used by many last year.


Was also very scary! Saw quite a few robots fall off of those ramps with a few broken parts from either the ramp bot or the climbing bot.

Makes me wonder if a bot that can “somehow” get itself to the 3rd stage by itself would be more valuable.


2010 saw a robot inflate an air bag from on top of the speed bump, and have an arm that extended down flipped himself over, on top of the airbag to prevent damage. It was super cool. I think it was team 219


Building a ramp will be easier, but less consistent imo. I’d rather put in the extra time to ensure a consistent ranking point.


i agree with this especially a lot of the videos from past years


You’re a robot Harry!


My first thought was the same!


Maybe just use a helicopter blade and fly up there

Climbing the hab levels,ideas?