How the fluff do you get on the top platform


Just use dukes of hazard tactics and nothing could possibly go wrong!
I see no issues with launching a bot toward the drive teams at all.


There may be a rule about drive teams hitting the glass but is there anything on the robot hitting the glass?


It is probably frowned upon to make your bot do something to rival koolaid mans abilities.


or with a broken robot lol



Grab the alliance wall! You just have to let go again so you aren’t over 6’6"


I hope you weren’t being serious about that…


According to G12, extending above the driver station is a foul the first time and a yellow card if repeated in the match. So I guess if it’s your first time go for it :grin:


Who said you’d be called for extending above? G15 starts at a Foul, and may include Yellow Cards and Disabling under the right circumstances.


Violation: FOUL. If repeated in a MATCH or while climbing the HAB PLATFORM, YELLOW CARD.
The way I interpret this, if you were not climbing the HAB and it was your first offense, that would be the only time it is a foul. During endgame / climbing, my interpretation says this would go straight to a yellow card.


What I was getting at was that depending on how the robot attached to the alliance wall it might not be a yellow card. G12 might not even apply at all. The refs would have options ranging from a single Foul (G12 at the loading stations, OR G15 for attaching say a suction cup to the wall) all the way up to two fouls, one or two yellow cards, and a disabled robot (G12 foul and yellow for reaching over the wall while climbing the platform plus G15 foul for attaching, yellow for extended/repeated, disable for further damage likely to occur), depending of course on severity of infraction.

Now, that being said, I much prefer the no-foul option, which is that teams don’t try attaching to the alliance wall or reaching above it at all.


You could use a tenzer lift mechanism


thank you ill try and find it


here’s was team 219 did in 2010


Here’s an idea.


Even leaving out the 6’6" rule, Note that the alliance wall is not one of the exceptions to G15a (or the rest of G15 for that matter).

G15. Be careful about what you interact with. DRIVE TEAMS, ROBOTS, and OPERATOR CONSOLES are prohibited from the following actions with regards to interaction with ARENA elements. Items A-D exclude GAME PIECES and the HAB PLATFORM.
A. Grabbing (excluding DRIVE TEAM interaction with FIELD elements in their areas)
B. Grasping (excluding DRIVE TEAM interaction with FIELD elements in their areas)
C. Attaching (including the use of hook tape to anchor to the FIELD carpet and excluding use of the PLAYER STATION hook-and-loop tape, plugging in to the provided power outlet, and plugging the provided Ethernet cable in to the OPERATOR CONSOLE)
D. Hanging
E. Deforming
F. Becoming entangled
G. Damaging

So if you reach over the top of the alliance wall and grab it, it’s two fouls the first time, and two yellow cards (a red card) when repeated.


And if you use suction cups on the field side you’ll end up with G15-C (and D and A and B possibly…) for a Foul and/or a Yellow Card.