How the new sustainability bonus RP rules will affect rankings - Ontario Championships Science Division case study

Went through the data today from the Ontario Championship Science division to see how the rankings would be affected if the new scoring rules had been in effect a week ago.

Granted, teams would likely have played the game differently, but this is the best approximation we can make in hindsight.

This event is a good benchmark as the sustainability bonus was achieved at a high rate… if you did not get 4 points in a match you fell behind quickly and it was difficult to recover. The schedule really dictated rankings as much as robot performance which is what I think they are trying to fix with this change.

Will it work? Data below indicates no.

Results are pretty random. Some great cyclers are unaffected by the change. Some fantastic cyclers (1325) take a huge loss. Perhaps they only did the minimum links required to get the RP and then did other things but I don’t think that was the case.

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