How the Recycle Rush game changed my life

These days, whenever I see a grey plastic tote, I check out the long edge to see if our robot could pick it up.

What do you look for in grey plastic totes nowadays?

My soul…

We had a lift hand which featured twenty spring-cushioned 10-32 bolts. I have to check the long **and **short sides, and occasionally feel the bottoms of the deep stacker tabs to see if our bolts would grab in there.

3946’s Recycle Rush robot

Goodness those totes are WORTHLESS… Haha, look, you stacked all of those TOTES for what? 42 points? Whoopie! Nice job! Too bad you didn’t have any CONTAINERS! Really should have invested some time in some CANBURGLERS, but noooo!

  • The thoughts inside my head whenever I see them.

Today I was walking through the halls at my school and I saw an unusually large amount of recycling containers in one place, and all of the sudden I got the urge to start picking them up and putting them on stacks of totes.

Also, and this is more of an FRC in general thing, but ever since my first year of FRC, I’ve been seeing FRC team numbers everywhere. Whether I’m checking the clock at 1:48 in the afternoon or my teacher tells our class to turn to page 1114 in our text book, the numbers always seem to haunt me.

We use totes like those from Recycle Rush (just different colour) to hold the kits of parts for the equipment being assembled in the factory. There are also trash containers and recycling containers spread around the factory floor. Of course, there are numerous fork lifts running around at all times. I am constantly wanting to redirect them to build 36 point stacks (sorry, no pool noodles heres) and thinking of mechanisms that can be attached to the forklifts. It’s become a sickness… :yikes:

Sometimes on my team, when someone sees an object with a hole on top, vaguely resembling a recycling container, they yell “TEH ROBNOTS!”, extend their arms, jam their hands into the hole at supersonic speed, and pull back.
(I know other teams [1678] are faster, but “TEH ROBNOTS” is just too fun to say :stuck_out_tongue: )

I for one approve of these shenanigans, it sounds hilarious! Besides Citrus Circuits doesn’t make for any good team name parodies(at least I haven’t seen any good ones) like Teh Chezy Pofs, aside from when the announcer botches our name… I understand a few I’ve heard but some are just cringe worthy, like introducing us as Circus Circus…

Six weeks of my life back.

PS just felt like first could have had a game that was more fun.

i like tote](
its wibbly like kentucky

I guess FRC must be really GP, because it didn’t take me too long to come up with three.


Citric Circus sounds pretty obvious.

Leprous Circuits is only a bit of a stretch.

For meaning rather than the proper alliteration, how 'bout the 'Lectric Lemons?

On Sunday after championships my team decided to sleep in and take it easy. We did some shopping, and I was very tempted to run around Walmart looking for storage totes, recycling containers, and pool noodles, and making my very own 42-point stacks.

Then I remembered that I’m a mentor and I’m supposed to be setting a good example :wink: :eek:

That moment when your precalc function turns out to be 254 exactly:eek: :eek:
Lol this happens way too often as i learn more team numbers; my family just doesn’t understand anymore…

Every single number in every one of my novels and short stories is an FRC Easter Egg. All of them!