How to activate LabView for teams not active in 2021

I imagine this is a problem for teams programming in LabView but who weren’t active last season. How do we license LabView to prepare our students for the 2022 seasons? The trial versions are all well and good to learn the language, but (tell me if I’m wrong) won’t work for programming the RoboRio.

Is there a way for a team registered for the 2022 seasons to get a valid license to run the 2021 version of LabView-FRC?

have you considered not using labview? you might potentially kill many birds with one stone.

(opinions are my own, etc)

Not to get into that old argument, but I like to teach both sides of the controversy. LabView has a few things to offer to non-programmers, and to programmers too. TMTOWTDI you know.

You can still use this link: Installing LabVIEW for FRC (LabVIEW only) — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

I have had a few students do it recently (past week)

You can also sign up for the open Beta testing. You’ll get 2022 libraries, etc. and an advance on any changes.
(2022 Beta Testing | FIRST)
You just have to tell them how your installations went and if you run into any programming issues when your new programmers practice on the old robot(s).

Thanks for that Mark, slipped under my radar. Could be a solution for the teams that need it.

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