How to activate Tableau with voucher code?

Hey CD,

After hearing many good things about Tableau, my team has decided to try it out. The only problem is, due to this being my first time with it, im unsure as to where i go to put in the FIRST provided voucher code? I couldn’t find an easy solution on the website. Is there something im missing?

Thanks in advance!

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The code will be entered when you install Tableau, around the time you start entering personal info. At the top, it will say “Have a product key? Activate Tableau”, and you will enter the product key there.

If its anything like last year though, you wont be able to use that key specifically until January. You can get a student license from the Tableau website if you are a college student (i was able to get it as a HS student too but ive heard conflicting reports on if you can as one now) that will last a year.


I thought it was the activation code when installing, but I havent for a while, so not sure.

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Okay, thank you. I will try that once it finishes downloading. I wasnt sure if it was something i needed to put in beforehand or not

The real question is, how to get it not stop working before the end of the season?

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