How to add Lighting (rgb) to the robot

Our team wants to spice up our robot anybody know how to add rgb to the robot with the one battery

The REV Blinkin or CTR CANdle make powering and controlling LEDs much easier, but you can breakout the end of the LED strip and control it through the rio too.

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We were planning to add RGB to our robot as well, but to use it to light up the whole robot as either PURPLE or YELLOW, to tell human players what game piece we want


Our preferred tech stack:

  1. Addressable RGB LED’s
  2. Battery-12v-to-LED-5v power supply
  3. Diffuser track to make the led’s nice and smooth looking
  4. Arduino Mini to send data to the LED’s and control the patterns in response to singlas from the roboRIO
  5. Nice screw terminal arduino holders

YMMV with 4 and 5 - wpilib and the RIO have built in libraries to drive those LED’s and they work great. I just like having separate hardware that i can throw at a student and be like “go make led’s work”.

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