how to assemble the solenoids

My team built the pneumatic system, but the we’re not sure how to assemble included solenoids, we’re getting leaks and it’s fairly frustrating.

This is from memory, but you should have the following parts:

  1. The thin solenoid part with the electrical connections
  2. The metal manifold block
  3. A thin gasket that goes between the 2. The pneumatics manual says “There are 2 gaskets included. Use the one with holes for the mounting screws.”
  4. 2 very long narrow screws

If you look at the gasket, I think there is a smooth side and a side that has a little raised ridge going around it. Look at the manifold and the solenoid; one of them has a groove for that ridge. Use some thin oil (WD40 works fine) and rub both faces of the gasket, making sure there is no dust or dirt on it. Put the 2 screws through the through holes in the solenoid and use them to align the gasket. Put the screws in to the tapped holes in the manifold and turn a couple threads to engage. Push the manifold and solenoid together, making sure the gasket doesn’t crimp, then tighten the 2 screws the rest of the way.

If you have big leaks, as if the valve is not seating (air pouring out the exhaust ports), read through one of the threads in CD concerning solenoid wiring to make sure it is being actuated fully one way or the other. I’ve never had that problem but lots of teams have.

Read the Pneumatic Manualand Spike Manual Very help resources