How to attach Max planetary gear box to NEO 550 using the Maxplanetary 550 input kit

We have a Max planetary gearbox, a NEO 550, and a MAXPlanetary 550 Input kit. We can’t figure out how these fit together. There’s no useful info at the web page about the input kit: MAXPlanetary 550 Input Kit - REV Robotics

There’s nothing much on the documentation about assembling the gearbox for a NEO 550 except for this:

But we can’t figure out if the input kit goes on the NEO 550 first and then the universal input stage, or vice versa. We can’t figure out the purpose of the input kit either because it has the same holes as the universal stage.

Here’s an image of the NEO 550, the universal stage (bottom left), input kit (to the right)

If I had to take a guess, you’d use the adapter in the bag on the output shaft of the motor then use the motor in the gearbox normally with the spacer. Not sure why a spacer is needed.


Did you watch the intro video? It show at least where each piece goes.

You then can go read this. Features - MAXPlanetary System

It says what holes are for what purpose.

It tells you where the bolts go.

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