How to attach Roughtop treads to VexPro wheel

My team talked me into ordering 6" VexPro traction wheels and Roughtop tread. My question is how do you attach the tread to the wheel? Do you put rivets on the ends and every so often around the wheel? I did not see any instructions on VexPro’s website (I even looked at AndyMark and did not see any). Currently we are using different 6" wheels so the chassis can move. Thanks for assistance.

We have used them for several seasons and like them. #6 by 1/2” screws is what we use to attach the tread.

We cut the joint at 45 degrees and use 2 rivets on each end. Never had any issues with it.

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I just finished treading my first wheel in ten years and wow it’s harder than I remember.

What tricks are people using for this?

Is there something better than a drill bit for punching the holes?

Is there a particular trick to getting the bolts to line up? I think I’ve already crossed at least one thread, specifically with a T10 torx button head 6-32 if relevant.

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