How to attach the AndyMark heat-applied bumper numbers?

There are no published videos. Website instructions are there but a bit unclear.

… with heat

Okay okay, joking aside, I haven’t done it myself but I assume it would be similar to vinyl decals for t-shirts. If so, they’re basically just iron-on.


They’re adhesive backed, so you stick them onto the fabric and use a heat gun to “melt” them into place. In the past, I’ve taken a large, flat object (old textbook) and held it down over the numbers for ~30 seconds after applying the heat.

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  1. Make sure you have the fabric backed by a piece of wood or something that can hold up to heat (NOT POOL NOODLES!!!)
  2. Mark where you want them carefully with a pencil
  3. Attach them with the adhesive back
  4. Iron them on using firm pressure, using a piece of parchment paper between the iron and the numbers. Temp of iron may be dependent on the fabric you use. Take your time and don’t be too aggressive with the iron movements.

Yeah, Been there done that, melted our noodles and it was a year where pool noodles was hard to find. Now we just paint our bumpers just to be safe.

Wait… they are heat activated? I thought they were just crummy stickers >.<

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