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Hope you are up to date on your TikTok trends (it’s corn)


Indiana corn. FTW.

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Most corn you see along the highway is actually field corn, used for livestock feed or industrial processes. While technically edible, it needs a lot of butter. Sweetcorn is what most folks are familiar with, but its high moisture content makes it useless for most anything else besides eating.

The second most common crop near cornfields is soybean. Soy replenishes the nitrogen in the soil, increasing yields with less need for fertilization.

The most common units for yield is still bushels per acre. Yields have been steadily increasing over the past few years topping 200 bushels/acre in many midwestern farms.

Detasseling Corn Stalks is still a common summer job for high schoolers in corn-producing areas.

Farming is not a “solved science”. Many aspects of farm production are still the topic of university work.

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Good start on the Corn Facts. Adding one:

Seed Corn Caps are an important part of the rural fashion statement.

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