How to Build a Polycord Conveyor

My team is looking into using a polycord conveyor to move the balls from our intake to our shooter. Could anyone provide a general overview of what we need to be aware of as we start experimenting? Also, many years ago, my team tried using polycord and had problems with the cord connections breaking. How can this problem be avoided? Thank you.

Well you’ll need flanged pullies (assuming round polycord belt) which are easy to 3d print and you wanna weld the belts together so get a heat gun and heat up the ends and push them together. We did this for flat urethane last year and no issues. There are companies that make jigs for this but I forget their name. It helps to weld the belt but isn’t necessary (we used a kitchen stove).

You can check out another thread like this here. Polycord Conveyor Belts this article

We used a jig made out of two pieces of aluminum plate, clamped together and a 1/4" hole drilled so that half the hole was in each plate. Using a heat gun, heat the two ends of the polycord until it’s melty. Put together in the jig and press down for about 20 seconds. Inspect, tug, and snip additional bits.

Easiest with 2 people. We used 3 for doing the welds in-place on our conveyor.

WCP sells V-belt pulleys that are good for polycord, but you can also just print your own.

Be careful that the power cells stay separate from each other. Teams are saying that they have tons of friction between them that gets them jammed everywhere. Look at this thread for updates: Power Cells jamming upon rolling contact

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