How to calculate Gear

How would you calculate gear ratios. I am working on the Zero To Autonomous swerve drive and we are using the standard 8.16/1 mk3 swerve modules. I need the turning gears and drive gears, and I am lost.

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I found this in the SDS library but can’t understand it

public final class SdsModuleConfigurations {

public static final ModuleConfiguration MK3_STANDARD = new ModuleConfiguration(


        (14.0 / 50.0) * (28.0 / 16.0) * (15.0 / 60.0),


        (15.0 / 32.0) * (10.0 / 60.0),



I suspect that those numbers are the individual gears in the train for the swerve module

Steering ratio is given in the link as well, “The steering gear ratio of the MK3 is 12.8:1”

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Oh yeah, i see that now. However I am still stuck on how to get those numbers into the gearRatio constants.

I would just create constants, 1 for drive and 1 for turn, of the right values, 12.8 and 8.67, respectively. Then when you want to convert motor rotations to wheel rotations, just divide by the right constant. And if you want to reverse the calculation, just multiply, to convert wheel rotations to motor rotations

or do the math in line for the drive, to be more accurate

Okay so in the template I sent, you would make the DriveMotorGearRatio = 1 / 8.67 and the TurningMotorGearRatio = 1 / 12.8 ?


Okay thank you so much. I do wonder how you got the 8.67 value though?

oh I misremembered the value, I think it is 8.16, whatever SDS says for the module you bought

oh okay, glad I asked. Would have been a nightmare troubleshooting.

haha yeah, we had to re-calibrate our swerve a few times as the wheel tread degraded, that would have been rough

Yeah, anyway thanks again man and gl on your season

you too! what team are you on?

Oh i should probably put that on my profile but we are Metal Mallards 4962

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