How to calibrate a Victor SPX?

I figured out that you have to change joysticks from -100 to 100 while connected to the robot, but how would one go about this process?

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Added: Well, if somebody clicks this for the subject question they’ll find an answer.

How can I actually connect to the Victor SPX though?

The assumption is that you already have some code in place on your robot generating PWM signals. The test code for tank-style driving is a good place to start. Alternately, you could use a PWM generator like a thrifty throttle or Arduino with similar code.

What are you trying to do with the Victor SPX?

“Calibrating” specifically refers to changing what Pulse-width window the Victor SPX is expecting (ie, if you’re using a non-FRC controller with a slightly different pwm output “Full Forward” might be a slightly higher/lower pulse-width).

You do not typically need to do this for the roboRIO. The default Victor SPX settings will work with the roboRIO’s PWM output without calibrating.

If you’re trying to do something else, though, we can provide the appropriate advice.

Thank you for clarifying that.

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