How to change a roboRio project?

Hey guys, how to change a roboRio project to cRio project after created?:confused: :confused:

Can’t do that, if you want to write a program for the cRio you are going to have to use the environment from last year.

If you are using LabVIEW, you actually can use the 2015 FRC released tools to target either roboRIO or 4-slot cRIO.

It is probably possible to modify the project to contain a new cRIO target and drag the VIs between the targets. However, I think I’d recommend creating a new cRIO project and dragging the VIs between the roboRIO and cRIO project. I think that will do what you want.

Greg McKaskle

You could create a cRIO project in NetBeans, and then manually copy over the source code from your Eclipse roboRIO project. Then fix the few incompatibilities. The WPILib is pretty much the same.

Or, you could try linking the Eclipse project to last year’s WPLib code. We have been successful in deploying last year’s code to cRIO using Eclipse.

Based on the mention of NetBeans I suspect your team programs in Java. We do C++ but I am interested in your methods for deploying with the new Eclipse tools onto an old cRIO… hoping to translate your process for C++ platform.

Can you describe the process you used to link the Eclipse project to last year’s WPILib code? How did you deploy the code to the cRIO using Eclipse, does the standard deploy operation work with the old platform? What form of hardware connection did you use, a tethered ethernet connection to the cRIO? Any details you can share would be appreciated.