How to check versions

Could someone detail the correct steps to check the version of the code on the:

Driver Station
LabView on the laptop

And then post what is the correct verions we should have.


Update #12 already did that. I think someone posted the process, but I don’t remember where.

Thanks Eric, didn’t realize the versions were in Update 12. They are copied below for convenience…

LabVIEW for FRC Update 3.0a and newer
cRIO FPGA Image FRC_2009_v11.Zip and newer
WPI Robotics Library 3.0.1718 and newer
Driver Station 2009-02-010a3 and newer

So far I have figured out these steps to obtain versions, but I am having a tough time getting the cRIO version. I know the imaging software shows, but I am not sure that is what is actually on the cRIO.

DS version is on the display as “DS Rev : 2009-02-10a3”
Labview version, click on Help/About First Robotics…, should be 3.0a or higher

Tried searching CD, but couldn’t find a link to the answer.

If you FTP to your cRIO, there is a file named FRC_ImageVersion.txt which shows image version, date, FPGA version, and NetComm version. If your cRIO doesn’t have that file, it most likely means you have an old image on the device (earlier images lacked that file).

A second method of determining if your cRIO is up to date, is to watch the console output when the device boots. If you have on the cRIO, you will see this output:

FRC_NetworkCommunication was compiled from SVN revision 1712
FPGA Hardware GUID: 0x6F0EA7B88ADB8E3FD4127A39E3502C6D
FPGA Software GUID: 0x6F0EA7B88ADB8E3FD4127A39E3502C6D
FPGA Hardware Version: 2009
FPGA Software Version: 2009
FPGA Hardware Revision: 1.0.0
FPGA Software Revision: 1.0.0