How to combine Choreo and Pathplanner?

Our team has used Pathplanner and has had good success with it for quite a while now. Our paths have been consistent, but not too quick. I’ve heard Choreo is a good option as it’s more optimized based on the specs of your robot. I’ve also heard that you can bring paths you make from Choreo and use them in pathplanner somehow? I was just wondering because it would probably be a bit easier if I could have the paths come from Choreo and event markers in Pathplanner

Choreo has the ability to add event markers that will work with PathPlannerLib. Is there a particular reason you would need to add them in the PathPlanner GUI and not in Choreo? The latter is not supported.

No particular reason, if the event markers in Choreo do work well with PathPlannerLib, that might be where I got the idea from then. I thought what people were doing was making the paths in Choreo then bringing them to Pathplanner for the event markers.

Note that the event markers in Choreo are placed by a time offset from a given waypoint, since the user does not have full control of the path length or shape. Other than that, though, Choreo provides all the same features for command grouping, named command binding, etc.

When you open pathplanner it will detect if there’s a choreo project and you can use the choreo paths in an auto the same way you use the regular pathplanner paths. You’ll probably want to split up the choreo paths by the endpoints, there’s a button for it somewhere in choreo