How to configure NI CRIO 9148

We were wondering where we can get the software from FRC in order to plugin and configure our robot’s CRIO. This project is not connected with FIRST, but I need to have the software in order to program the robot.

We bought the NI9148 from National Instruments.


All the software you need came in the 2012 Kit of Parts. It’s the same software you used to program the FRC robot. Do you not have access to it anymore?

We have the LabView disks and the restoration key and all of the other software. We don’t have the FRC CRIO, we have a NI CRIO, and so no FRC software has been preloaded in the CRIO. There is no FIRST seal either on the CRIO, so we don’t know what to do.


Oh! The 9148 isn’t a cRIO. It’s an expansion chassis that connects to a controlling system over Ethernet. It does have a FPGA, but it has no CPU.

You’ll need the NI RIO software. That isn’t part of what gets given to FRC teams. Start here.

I have gone through these steps, but I need a way to upload C++ code and run the robot through the DriverStation (or another method that uses some other form of a “DriverStation”). This is my issue. I went through these steps, but I do not know how to continue. I have all of the code ready as if the robot were a FRC robot, but I do not have the CRIO (or whatever it is) configured to it.


Can you confirm that the product you are using is the NI9148, shown here:

Yes, that is the product we bought from NI

You don’t run code on the NI9148. You run code on some other computer that communicates via Ethernet and the “Scan Interface” protocol to the C-series modules installed in the NI9148 chassis. You can program the FPGA in the chassis and run “code” that way, but it’s probably not what you want to do.

How did you end up with a NI9148?

Thank you for the info. Now how would I be able to set this up? Will I need a separate netbook that is on the robot so it can be connected to the chassis? Or can I just use my computer. Have you ever done this before?


We accidentally bought the NI9148 thinking it was the CRIO we needed. I had thought our electronics lead bought the right one…right up until I tried to configure it for code haha.

You should try contacting NI to see if you can exchange the 9148 for an FRCII. They’re generally very helpful with matters like this.

Thank you. We will contact them.

Make sure they know you are an FRC team, they will will route you to the appropriate people.