How to connect gyro

Hello, we need lots of help we get an error of gyro not found in SPI port. The gyro is the one shown in the picture and we connect it to I2C but in the code we use ADXRS450 gyro. Thanks!

what happened to this gyro it looks damaged . did somebody step on it or something ?
Call me crazy but the gyro in this picture doesn’t even look like the one you say your using. I could be completely wrong as I cant see the whole board.

the code we use for the request sensor is :
this extends the interface :

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Just a FYI we updated the IMU’s to use Rotation3d’s if you want to yoink it again, we found that Rotation3d’s for math made more sense then the magic number of 360.

Also I assume people use CS0 (which I think is default) in most scenarios and do not support other CS’s yet.

Either way should work fine but i like to use WPILib’s stuff if I can.

I did see that and actually had put together something with the intention of getting the students to do the conversion tomorrow! It really does make more sense to utilize the Rotation3d.

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