How to connect motor with these pieces?

I’ve included a picture. We don’t know how to attach gears for belt to motors. Can someone please explain to me?

  1. Determine dia of motor shaft
  2. Find drill bit of corresponding dia
  3. Remove the setscrews from the pulley before drilling
  4. Drill out hole on pulley
  5. Replace setscrews and place on motor shaft. I often will drill out a small hole the same size of the setscrew in the shaft I am using it on, so it acts almost like a keyway. (Now I don’t know how good engineering practice this is but it seems to work)
  1. Or file a flat spot on the shaft for the setscrew.

Be careful with those Gates sprockets, most are not solid and you will destroy them if you drill too large a hole in them. You can look up the model number and the spec sheet should say what the maximum bore diameter is. If you can, chuck the sprockets in a lathe and the drill bit in the tail-stock to make sure that the hole stays centered.

What tools does your team have access to? In particular, do you have access to a lathe, a drill press or mill and a set of straight reamers (including most importantly the one the size of the van door motor shaft—I think it’s either 8 mm or 10 mm on the Tiagene van door motors)?

If you have some or all of those things, bore the pulley to the correct inside diameter, and then temporarily secure it to the shaft axially (e.g. with split shaft collars on either side). Then put a small hole through both, and insert a hardened steel pin (either a dowel or a spring pin). It’s generally better than a set screw for reliability.