How to connect Redline Encoder to RoboRio


We are intending to use the Redline Encoder on part or our robot. Do we use two PWM channels, 5V, and ground?



I think the encoder that you are referring to is quadratic (has 2 channels). It’s wiring is similar to this encoder


Use the quadrature pinout from the board, then wire the A and B channels to two DIO ports and use the Encoder() class in wpilib.

Connect +5v and GND to the respective pins on the DIO.


That worked great! Thanks. Power, ground, and two DIO channels. Call out the DIO channels in the constructor. From the AndyMark site:

Encoder MagEncoder;

	//  Define an encoder on Channels 0 and 1 without reversing direction and 4x 
            //   encoding type
	MagEncoder = new Encoder(0,1, false, Encoder.EncodingType.k4X);

‘0’ and ‘1’ refer to the DIO channels on the RoboRio.