How to connect the 12v solenoid to the cRIO and spike relay?

I am trying to set up the pneumatics but I don’t know how or where to connect the solenoid. Do I need to connect it to the digital or analog on the cRIO. Do I need to use the spike relay and if so how do I do it. I would like pictures because it’s hard to picture without it.

You can connect it directly to the solenoid breakout or to the relay area via a Spike. Your choice.

If you are connecting it to the Solenoid Module of the cRIO, you can cut the grey two pin cables that came in the KOP in half, and use the heads from those. Solder the wires of the solenoids to those connectors, and you should be all set to plug it to the cRIO module.

Good luck!

The Solenoid Module in turn gets a power connection (little white Wago connector) directly to the Power Distribution Panel (red/black Wago connectors & a 20 amp snap-action breaker).