How to connect the Workbench with the cRIO?

I have trouble to deploy the default programming into the cRIO, and I think the main reason is that we didn’t actually connect the Workbench with the cRIO somehow…how to connect the Workbench with the cRIO? Thank you!

The main problem we had when starting up is making sure all the IPs are configured. Make sure your PC is set to 10.xx.yy.6, where xx are the first two digits of your team number and yy are the second two. Make sure to just test basic connectivity by pinging your robot at its IP as well.

And make sure your team number is set in the WindRiver downloader preferences:

WindRiverWorkbench => Window => Preferences => FIRST Downloader Preferences

Try to CompactRIO Imaging Tool Each image contains a cRIO filesystem, VxWorks kernel image, FPGA image, FIRST software, and configuration files for the cRIO-FRC controller. Reimage your cRIO including changing languages and updating system software.

AFR_ROBOT08_09.psd (57.7 KB)

AFR_ROBOT08_09.psd (57.7 KB)