How to connect to the RoboRIO

Hello, once again with another question. I’m one of the programmers for the rookie team - RoboTigers 7892. The question is, is how do you connect the RoboRIO to your laptop, to start programming with it? Just a simple question, since we don’t know how.

plug an ethernet cable into the RoboRIO and your laptop, it should just work and you should be able to deploy code from VS Code. If not, you have to image the Rio using the USB type B port to connect to the laptop. The software to do that is in the First Update Suite.


Have a look at the documentation on the development environment for FRC: (this link specifically is for the setup of the development environment). As mentioned, you also need to make sure your RoboRio is setup for competition. This link describes in depth how to image and setup the Rio. And finally, have a look here for instructions on deploying from VS Code.