How to Connect Victor SPX to 2 Motors in a Single Gearbox


How would we connect a Victor SPX to the motors shown in the picture above? Would one Victor work for both motors, or do we need two Victors that somehow run at the exact same time?

Do the red and black wires go into the “power board” thing in the RoboRio, while the green and white attach to the motor? We really know nothing about anything, so please talk to me like the worthless cretin that I am.

So the black and red wires provide power to the motor controller and plug into the “power board” thing, known as the PDP. Coming off those, the green and white wires plug into the the motors. The green and yellow are the signal wires that either plug into the roborio PWM port, or into the CAN bus, depending on the setup your team decides to pursue. You need to have one controller per motor (with exceptions to certain motors but this is not one of those). To control both together, if you are doing PWM, you can use a splitter, or if you are doing CAN bus, you can slave them together in code.
I would highly recommend reading the game manual.


You most definitely need two Victors. Each motor controller can control only one motor. There are many ways to do this. Please read the manual.


Self-esteem issues aside, agree with the posts above, absolutely require two motor controllers, one per motor. Connect as per @Type noted

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