How to control piston?

I’ve got a rookie team question for all of you, sorry if it has been asked before, but I’ve done a ton of searching with no luck:

We are using the pneumatic piston/cylinder, and we are unsure how to connect the pneumatic circuit to the controller (which we need to know how/what to program). How do we connect them and control the pressure to make the piston/cylinder fire and retract? Thanks in advance.

You can connect the piston to a double solenoid. Then connect one of the red wires coming from the solenoid to the M+ on a spike relay. Attach the other red wire to the M-. Attach both black wires to your ground hub on the circuit breaker. Then in code, you can write this.

relayX_fwd = pY_sw_trig; 
  relayX_rev = pY_sw_top;

//In this, X represents the relay output number and Y is the joystick port.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.