How to convert the CMYK value into the RGB value

Our team is using a colorsensor to control the panel. l use its sample RGB values to judge the color (Yellow , blue ,red , green). But from the official website, it only says its CMYK value , so do l have to convert CMYK value into RGB value and how to do it?

You have to test with the material you should have gotten in the kit.

That website seems to have a pretty simple breakdown of the conversion.

Full disclosure, this was like 10 seconds of Googling and 1 minute of reading.

Edit: Personally I wouldn’t bother converting, I’d just use the raw values given by the sensor and set a reasonable range for the colors I’m looking for. (To account for lighting changes and what not.)

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This looks reasonable too: CMYK to RGB Conversion Algorithm | 101 Computing

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