How to convince a dad to go to IRI

Ok, I’m in a bit of a pickle. Similar to the thread regarding “how to convince my daughter she wants to go to IRI,” I need to figure out a good way to convince my dad. He’s a FIRST dad and really likes to go to the competitions, but a 5 1/2 hour drive is getting him a little unsure of whether he wants to go. So help! any ideas would be appreciated! :smiley:

Tell him my dad will be there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok ok, maybe that won’t help. I convinced my dad to go, 'cause my brother was so psyched about going with his team, and now 1259 isn’t going. So instead of dealing with Chris moping around the house for a weekend, dad’s taking him to IRI.

The Friday night barbeque is a pretty good incentive, too! :wink:

It’s simple for me…July 22nd is my dad’s bday…so I told him I’m taking him there for his bday :stuck_out_tongue: But for you Beth, say he’s been working hard and needs to see some engineers dressed up as rockstars…playing instruments. :rolleyes:

Tell him that 5-1/2 hours in the car each way is a great opportunity for some wonderful father-daughter bonding. Now that you are out of high school and in college, those opoprtunities will be few and far-between, and none of them should be wasted. It is events such as these that will generate the precious memories that you will both look back upon years and years from now. These are the moments that will create the stories that you will be able to tell his grandchildren. In other words, play off his guilt! :rolleyes:


p.s. note that 5-1/2 hours in the car with your daughter on the way to IRI is NOT the same as 10 hours in the van with seven members of Team 116 on the way to IRI. One is a wonderful familial experience, the other is an opportunity to go insane.

Tell him that he will be able to see Dave Lavery in the talent show.

Dave’s idea is a really good one, but if you use it make sure you actually spend quality time with your dad, both in the car and at the competition. Don’t just go to sleep if he’s driving, or let him go to sleep if you’re driving, actually talk to him, and maybe even play some car games. If he still hasn’t agreed, go make a mixed CD/tape of music for you to listen to on the drive, try to pick music you both like, if that isn’t possible, choose music he likes and learn to love it. Offer to wash and wax the car (minivan, suv, etc) so that it looks nice for the trip.

Does you dad know any people from other teams? If he doesn’t, try to find a team to “adopt” him, a team he can sit with so that he’s not alone if you want to (and I assume you do) go off and visit with people on your own. You should also do a little bit of research on the other teams that will be there and give him a tour of the pitts, pointing out special things about all of the robots, like bring him by our area and point out our weird and wonderful drive system!

Of course, you could also just show him this thread and I think he’ll get the idea of how much going to IRI means to you.


p.s. Earplugs are a good thing to have if I have to do any of the driving, because if I’m not swearing like a sailor, I’m singing, and I couldn’t carry a tune even if it had handles. Insanity is overrated.

Maybe we should get Beth’s dad on the volunteer crew, set a position for him, and then give him a concrete reason for him to come. What sort of position would he be good at, Beth?

Also… maybe your dad has a talent? Karthik could use some help in his singing act, so maybe they could team up.

Just some ideas. :slight_smile:


Typically we confine my father’s singing to a shower with the fan turned on or a very, very crowded church, but I could try that angle if Karthik’s interested… :wink:

Do you really think they could get a shower that would fit both of them on the stage? :eek:

I just asked mine if i could go and he said hed drive his truck soo he can pull the trailer and take 25 and the 56 robots. soooo maybe asking very very nice??? or you can like starve yer self to protest him not letting u go like gandi< probably spelt that wrong

I’m not quite sure that I want them showering together… lol