How to create 3D dxf files in Solidworks, Inventor, or other?

I am needing to create 3D dxf files for a project, and am unable to find a way to easily do it.

I primarily use solidworks, but know inventor and autocad equally well. Any ideas?

Not a clue. Any CAM software that costs money should be able to import either STEP or IGES though which Inventor or Solidworks can easily export from a part file. Be careful about threaded features though, you might lose them.

EDIT: My mistake in assuming it had to do with manufactuing robot parts. For a 3d dxf, have no idea for Inventor or SW

This actually has nothing to do with manufacturing parts. The dxf file will be used for registering a virtual baseball diamond. Currently the only format the software can read is a dxf or csv data.

Edit: It looks like I can do it in autocad… I absoolutely hate doing 3D stuff in autocad, but I have no other options right now unless someone can enlighten me.

Thanks so far!

Unless I am horribly wrong, dxf files don’t translate from 3d files.

You can take 2d views of your 3d model, and make a dxf, but it’ll only be 2d.

3d export formats, are something like, stp, iges, and the like.

CSV, I think as far as what I remember what Brandon told me when I asked about saving messages, is data files that can easily open in excel.

I’m guessing in this case, it would be co-ordinate system points.

x, y, and maybe z would be your data table.

Ed Sparks, where are you?? You know about CAD exports/imports from the firstcadlibrary.

edit: Hmm… I hate being wrong. I have found out how to export a simple 3d part from autocad as a dxf but Solidworks… hmm… I have no clue for now.

Sorry. I’ll look at it later if I get a chance. Other work related project issues are a little more important as of now though.
It’s been a crazy day so far, and is getting crazier.

TGIF! lol

I was able to create everything in autocad and save it as one of a few different dxf formats that retained the 3D aspects of the drawing.

All is fine now. I appreciate the help.

Youcan export Solidworks to .SAT, then “ACISIN” into the DWGEditor where youcan save it as a DXF.

I think there is also a way to save a drawing as a .dfx. I know the company that I work for has that, but I suspect it may be some kind of mod or macro.