How to create a circuit that will take place of Bosch Seat Motor DIO Kit (am-3812)?

I need to build a circuit that will regulate the encoder’s Low signal(it’s too high for RoboRIO), it should be compatible for RoboRIO. But while doing this, I should hold the HIGH(5V) signal below RoboRIO’s HIGH min input voltage limit. Normally, the DIO Kit does all of these; but I should create a circuit instead of it. Please help me about how can I do this.

But truthfully, I think it was more trouble than it was worth. If you can place an external encoder, you’ll have an easier time setting it up for controlling it. The internal sensor is a hall effect sensor that does not give you the direction the motor is turning. You have to infer that in some other manner. We successfully used the voltage feedback from our motor controller, but you might need a Talon (I don’t recall) to do that.