How to create a direct drive for an AndyMark 0915 Motor (am-0912).

We want to connect directly an AndyMark 9015 Motor (am-0912) and a standard 8 inch wheel in order to achieve the rpm we desire (somewhere around 8,000). How would we do this?

We’re using these.

Why do you need 8k RPM? What kind of torque do you need from the motor? Directly driving the wheel may not be a good idea, make sure that the numbers say that this is the best solution

The output shaft on the AndyMark 9015 motor (am-0912) is 0.125 diameter. A “standard” 8 inch wheel has a 1.875 bolt circle (#10 bolts). The problem is, no one (that I know of) makes a hub that goes on a .125 shaft.

One possibility is to manufacture a bushing with a 0.125 (undersized if possible by 0.001) ID and a .500 OD. If you key the bushing on the outside with an ANSI keyway (1/8 for 0.500 OD), you could press the bushing onto the motor output shaft and fit a 500 Key Hub (am-0077) onto the bushing to mate with the wheel. One thing is that this bushing must be made perfectly, or the wheel will destroy the shaft.

You can use a versaplanetary 10:1 gearbox to make a 1:1 adapter. Just pull the whole ring gear, planets, sun and the middle housing section. The output shaft mounts right to where the sun was and you just screw it back together. We had a wheel spinning at 19,000RPM off a BB550 motor for one of our prototypes. We’re using very small wheels.

The versaplanetaries come with a 1/2" hex shaft but you can modify it to a 1/2" shaft with key way.