How to crimp CAN wires?

So recently I’ve been working on learning how to wire a robot on our B team robot during the off season and we ran out of pre-crimped CAN wires to use and have to crimp our own. There are a lot of small pieces and I’m not too sure what goes where, does anyone know of any tutorials for crimping CAN or have any tips they can share?

What connector are you using on the CAN wires?

Sorry I’m not great at this, but these black and white connectors at the ends:

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For future reference the white connector is a JST-PH 4-pin connector and the black one is a PWN connector (something like PWM Female Connectors (25 Housings, 100 Pins) - AndyMark, Inc)

You need a wire crimp tool. They look like this:

You will probably be able to find one tool to crimp both types of connectors. I am not confident enough to recommend a specific tool.

This video is a decent demonstration on how to use the crimper tool.

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You don’t have to use those connectors to join CAN wires if you don’t want to. Here are some options that don’t need any crimps at all:


Our team uses these.


My team is looking into using those. Have you had any reliability issues?

Also, regardless of which connector is used to join the CAN wires, to connect to the sparkMAX one JST-PH connector is needed.

Awesome! Thank you, these look super helpful

you dont. get some wago connectors and thank me later


How we do it: USB C Powered Soldering Iron - Adjustable Temperature Pen-Style [TS80P] : ID 4244 : $124.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits


Have used these 2 years in a row now. Absolutely love them. We had a single instance where we had a CAN fault on our network this year. Found a connector that seemingly had an intermittent connection when moved, even after reseating the wire in it. Threw that connector out and replaced with a new one.

I consider a single faulty connector (well, potentially faulty) is a pretty good track record over the sample size of about 100 connectors used these last 2 years.

Thanks! I’m trying to convince my team to buy them.

And some ferrules.