How to deploy a custom vi??

I made a vi using the blank vi… but i cannot deploy it onto the cRIO because i cannot set the ip address… i need to know how to create a .lvproj of it…(in other words a project of it) so that i can set the designated ip address and deploy it…
thanks for any help…:slight_smile:

Read through the manual.

While you can create a new project for it, I imagine that you are missing almost everything you need to get it actually running on the cRIO, such as, starting communications with the Driver Station.

Downloading it to the cRIO is unlikely to result in any response at all.
However, from a new vi you can create a new project by going to Project ->New Project.
What you’ll get is a new project for your PC. The cRIO would have to be added as a target.

I would suggest instead that you integrate your new vi with a default Robot Project instead.
That has everything you need to run on the cRIO.
One way to do that is to save your new vi, then create or open a default Robot Project, right-click the cRIO target and choose Add -> File…