How to deploy code urgent!

We were able to deploy via radio without any problems. But here in the pit, after configuring the radio, we will not be able to test new codes via wifi from the radio. That’s why we would use a usb cable for this, the problem is that although it recognizes the communications in the driver station, and even lets you control a code that was set as “run as startup”, it is not possible to carry out new deployments in labview. A message appears that the target was not found. I thought that if I left the IP as roboRIO-8276-FRC.local (my team number) it would allow me to deploy both with radio and with usb, but in this case only one is being allowed.

Your radio is configured to use the field access point. That means it will not work for code deploys because it is not running the network you use at your home field. Your options are to either hardwire into your robot’s Ethernet port or deploy over USB.


If you’re trying to deploy over USB B and it’s saying Target Not Found despite the Driver Station software showing it’s connected, you might try changing the target hostname/IP from roboRIO-8276-FRC.local to This is the IP that the roboRIO gets when connected to the computer over USB. In theory it should also be visible at the hostname you have configured, but it’s possible that isn’t working for some reason.

a question: if I deploy with this IP (, will the robot be recognized by the competition?

Yes. Changing that shouldn’t change how the robot interacts with the field at completion.

You will need to change it back if you want to deploy over Ethernet or over WiFi when you get home though.


Just to further back up AriMB, the IP listed there is just where LabVIEW is looking for the roboRIO to deploy the code. Changing it makes no difference to the code on the robot or to the configuration of the roboRIO.

I’ve configured using over USB in the pits a lot back in my time as a student. It works perfectly well.

For what it’s worth, roboRIO-8276-FRC.local is supposed to work over both the radio and USB, you’re correct about that. But I find it often just breaks, due to IP caching or other less clear reasons. At a competition, I generally recommend LabVIEW teams use and a USB cable at the first sign of trouble.



Slightly late to the game here but wanted to post something for later documentation.

I’ve seen teams struggle with that deployment if wifi is still enabled, especially if connected to something. Something seems to latch onto the wifi adapter in these PCs and only communicates with the route that won’t reach the destination.

In addition to changing the address to the IP address, you can also try disabling your wifi. In many cases, that also resolves the issue.

Both of these solutions require something of a “change something back” later approach. I personally recommend the one you feel is less of a burden to fix later.