How to deploy PathPlanner files

We started using PathPlanner. We generated the files and they are in Deploy folder. When selecting and running, we get… /home/lvuser/deploy/pathplanner/

This is what we are using to call and grab…

public PathPlannerTrajectory getPathPlannerTrajectory(String pathName) {
PathConstraints constraints = PathPlanner.getConstraintsFromPath(pathName);
PathPlannerTrajectory ppTrajectory = PathPlanner.loadPath(pathName, constraints, false);
return ppTrajectory;

When you select a project in PathPlanner it automatically creates the path in the deploy directory. I haven’t bothered getting the path planner deploy button to work since we can just load it in using the loadPath funciton.

I don’t understand. I’m using the load also. But I get an error of file not found. This would lead me to believe that the files are not deployed with the code when deploying to RoboRio. If that is the case, how do you put the files on the RoboRio?

In Project Menu, switch the project to the code you are going to deploy to your robot.

Then modify and save a path. It will then auto-create a file in src/main/deploy/pathplanner with the path’s name. Load the name EXACTLY (case sensitive) in loadPath then it should work.

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