How to determine the approximate torque output of a motor in brake mode

We use brake mode to hold our robot up after we climb, but I’ve never actually seen a list of values for holding torque for motors in brake mode to reference. This seems like it could be a useful thing, even if it’s minimum output approximations.

How would one get this kind of information?

I don’t know of any general measurements. In any case, the gearbox will also provide some braking force beyond multiplying the braking torque. At this point, the best answer is to measure/test it yourself.

Here’s the one data point I can provide:

In general, torque applied by brake mode will be proportional to velocity (i.e., it acts like a dashpot), so there’s probably not a good constant value that you can use. Any holding torque provided at zero velocity is likely due to some miscellaneous stiction, which is pretty inconsistent and hard to predict.


There was a post about this recently, either @calcmogul or @Oblarg wrote out the calculations.

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