How to display Microsoft webcam on frc driver station camera view

Hello, I am new to FRC and i am wondering how do i display image feed from a microsoft HD webcam plugged in into the usb port on roboRio to the camera view option on FRC driver station.:]

What language are you programming in?


My reply on this thread turned out to not be as relevant as I thought towards OP’s question, but maybe it can help you. DISCLAIMER: This is java-specific. You might want to specify what language you’re coding in.

I found a solution at turns out there is no need to code if you are using the default dashboard to display the camera view:]

Correct, if you are using LabVIEW.

One more question: do the Microsoft USB camera take less bandwidth than the axis cameras?:]

Hello guys, i just tested the instruction above on the robot, the camera was on but no images appeared on the FRC control panel. How do I solve that problem?

PS: the blue light on the Microsoft HD Camera 3000 flashes twice but turns off after that.

Was the camera plugged in when you booted the roboRIO? If not, I would try that. And make sure you have selected USB HW or USB SW on the dashboard.