How to display robot's position on shuffleboard

After seeing many team’s dashboard, l find that a good dashboard also plays an important role in the game. However, due to my limit of time and ability, l can only use WPILib’s shuffleboard as my team’s dashboard . l am wondering whether l can display my robot’s position in the shuffleboard and how to display the limelight in shuffleboard, l think these two are the main functions we need. l have learned about WPILib’s swerve pose estimater , but it doesn’t provide any instuction on how to display it on the shuffleboard. Can anybody who knows it give me some instructions , thanks!

Or if your team is willing to share your customized dashboard, you can also post here and please attach an instruction on how to use it . Thanks!

Field2D can be used to display robot pose on the field.


Thanks, but how can l customize the fied2d’s image. For example , if l want to display a photo of Rapid React’s field, how can l do it?

The background image should be settable using the “game” setting of the widget.


Is it in the GUI Sim or in the shuffleboard?

Its a bit down on this page


Thanks , is it only available in the Sim GUI, l don’t see the field in the shuffleboard.

when you add the widget on shuffleboard you can manually choose which game it displays though it should be displaying rapid react by default

So , is this circle my robot?

That is too unrecognizable! Is there any method to make it clearer?

i would assume so that looks like a visual bug to me though so i would recommend restarting shuffleboard, the bot should look the same as it does in the sim gui

It seems that it isn’t like the one in the sim gui. l have restarted my shuffleboard and my drive is like a differential drive.

okay yeah that looks right as long as you feed the widget your pose it should update it relative to the field so you can see where your robot is

Thanks , it seems that the shuffleboard doesn’t have enough space for me to display.
For example, the right bar of the shuffleboard can’t be used and this wastes space.

Besides ,cam glass relaced the shuffleboard?

The field is a fixed aspect ratio so if you’d like to make it bigger you should increase the height by one unit or so and that should make the field bigger.

Hey sorry I forgot to respond to the message. As just another sample point, here’s how it’s done in a photonvision example:

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