How to do Vision Processing With GRIP in 2019

I know there is a offical guide on it (, but it seems the code is VERY depricated, any tips on how to at least read Network tables would be greatly appreciated!

                                                                                  A Newbie Programmer

You can get the Network table from the default instance of NetworkTableInstance

Here is an example on reading values from Network Tables in Java:

NetworkTable table = NetworkTableInstance.getDefault().getTable("VisionTable");
NetworkTableEntry rangeEntry = table.getEntry("range");
NetworkTableEntry bearingEntry = table.getEntry("bearing");

Then use getEntry(). The parameter is a default value (0.0 in this case).

double range = rangeEntry.getEntry(0.0);
double bearing = bearingEntry.getEntry(0.0);

Then if you want to change the values in the NT entries use:

double x = 10.0;
double y = 15.0;

or any of the other methods here: