How to download java 2011 with all libraries

Hi, team 1514 has been using labview for a couple of years and it has been working good for us but java looks fun and thought i might give it a try :).
I was wondering where i can download everything for java including the necessary libraries, like in one package. I did google this, but its confusing :S Any help is appreciated :slight_smile: Tnx

Team 1514

This is the link for you:

You will need the disc supplied in last year’s KOP to get libraries and whatnot. Ask some local teams if they have a copy or an image of the disc you can borrow. Or, you can contact FIRST and ask for a replacement disc, or wait until next kickoff (only 74 days 16 hours 41 minutes and 36 seconds, not that I’m counting or anything :rolleyes: ). Once you do that, install the updates found here, make sure your cRIO is properly configured to use Java (that’s set via the imaging tool), and have at it!

EDIT: that’s probably not the most efficient way to do it, but it would work. See above post for the better way

I am in the same position as the OP, and I got everything I needed from the firstforge site. I haven’t yet attempted to deploy the code, so I could be missing something and not realizing it yet. If you already have the driver station and cRIO imaging tool, I’m pretty sure everything else you need is available online (again, not 100% sure, please correct me if I am wrong)