How to drop an event?

We are refocusing some of our priorities this year and need to drop an extra event that we already paid for. I read through the policy and it says we can do it before we receive our parts, but it does not say how.

I already emailed FIRST, but I’m still waiting on a response. Searched through everything on the dashboard to no avail either.

Anyone have first hand experience with this? We’re going to be hurting this year if we can’t drop it.

Not gonna be much help, which event are you planning to drop? Is it the Grand Forks one? I wonder if there is no one on the wait-list, if another midwest team could stand in your place?

So yeah it was Grand Forks. Hopefully it made someone’s day to see a spot open up.

In case anyone was wondering how, I emailed our region rep and he put the request in.

This option really became better for us due to the drop of bag day. We got thinking after this thread:

Without stop build, we would be pushed more into a second event just to get our hands on the bot.

Now we’re still doing 10,000 Lakes, but:
A) We’re not a high resource team and our projected cost so far for GF was just shy of $10k to go
B) We’re also a young team this year as a lot of people graduated or are busy with other stuff. Out of 15, 1/2 are new
C) We’ve been in dire need of restocking supplies and tools for some time now

So we get to use the money to rebuild a good base program. I’m not expecting Champs this year, but I have a much better feel about this group in the coming years (only one senior this year)


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