How to easily find customized "standard" VI's?

In order to get 2 cameras working in labview this year, we had to modify several standard VIs. We tried to make sure that each time we edited a library or standard VI, we saved it with a new name in our project structure. However, we missed one or more.

Currently, our robot code and dashboard code can be built and run from any computer, but two cameras only works when the robot code is built, the dashboard is built, and the dashboard is run on one single laptop. We expect we modified a WPI or NI VI at some point on that laptop to get the two cameras working and then did not save the modified VI with a new name in our project.

We are manually going through the code now, but is there a way to get labview to give us some indication of the affected VI?

It may be quickest to use the modification date to see what has changed under vi.lib.

The tools menu has a Compare Hierarchies tool, but with this many VIs, it is still going to take awhile, and you’d need an unmodified copy to compare against.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks, we’ve been looking through them, but so far we haven’t found it(them) yet.

In an effort to focus on the important (and maybe learn something in the process) are there more or less likely places in vi.lib to search?

For example, IMAQ Create is common to both robot code and dashboard code, but it simply calls a low-level library. It has a more recent modification date, but its properties look unchanged from the original install version. I assume there is something about these low level libraries that needs to change when we make changes to or use higher-level VIs in our code. I see them get saved from time to time when we save or build the project, but that seems to be handled across computers. The place we need to check is only where we make explicit changes?

The lower level VIs will sometimes need to be saved because they are moving from one platform to the other. LV can store the generated object code either in a database or as originally done in the VI file itself. So if the VIs save the object code into the VI, they need be saved anytime the platform changes.

If you haven’t found it yet, you may just consider taking the working files to the other computers. The files are within vi.lib, probably within Rock Robotics.

Greg McKaskle

Well temporarily the problem was solved…we had to remove the second camera to save weight.:slight_smile:

We may resort to moving the files. Our concern is that if there is another update, it will end up overwriting those VIs and then it won’t work.