How to enable Talon SRX

So in the web config interface, after doing a self test and updating the firmware, it says that the talon SRX is not enables: “Device NOT ENABLED!”

How do I go about enabling it?

Does it have something to do with the Talons physically?

That just depends on whether or not your robot is enabled or disabled when you run the self-test.

Enable teleop, and run the self test and you should see it enabled.

Yes, if you have code that configured the Talons.

Okay, so there has to be code that configures them. Like calling the java inverted method and so on? Setting their ids to the same as the ones set through the web interface?

Should I do the configurations mentioned on page 30 of the talon software manual, or is that automatically done when generating code from WPI RobotBuilder

If you are using robot builder all the necessary code will be generated. Make sure the CAN IDs match in robot builder and the web interface.

I am not sure if you need to send the talons some power commands such as using differential drive for it to enable. For instance sending zeros through the tank drive method.

Could you give some examples of sending such power commands?

We created a command in Robot Builder called teleOpDrive which requires the subsystem which we specified the Talon SRX motor controllers. In the teleOpDrive command we call the following code in the execute function.

    protected void execute() {