How to find sponsors to our FRC team after facing a national state of emergency?

Hello everyone,

As you (may) know, Turkey has faced two great earthquakes with magnitudes of 7.7 and 7.6, affecting more than 10 cities in the southern parts of Turkey.
Over 35.000 people passed away and more than 10 million people have been directly affected by it. The Turkish government declared a “National State of Emergency” which aims to regulate natural disasters. Nearly most of the national/global brands and individuals made/and still making huge donations for the sake of the victims of the earthquake. And many other parties have separated their sponsorship packages for the donations to the victims of the earthquake, we would like to state our gratitude for all those donations.

Unfortunately, there has not been any delay for the FRC regionals in Turkey, which will take place in İstanbul, Turkey. We are trying to find sponsors for our FRC team; however, under these unfortunate circumstances, we are having trouble finding sponsors who will support us by supplying money or material to us. Many potential sponsors of ours have allocated their sponsorship budgets. At the same time it does not sound ethically correct to seek sponsors in this situation; however, to be a part of the FRC regionals, our FRC team needs sponsors.
So, our question is: How can we reach out to the sponsors who will support us under a national state of emergency?
Thanks in advance for all your ideas/support to us.


This is really new ground for most of not all of us on here. There may be a few teams that have had some similar (ish) situations in the past, but this is a very tough problem. :grimacing:

That’s expected :relieved: but maybe there would be some ideas? Overseas sponsor could be an option but honestly I don’t think anyone would have a major benefit from supporting a team overseas. Most FRC stuff is on local media.

As a fellow Turkish team member I can say that it is really hard for us too. I think looking for overseas companies with offices in Turkiye is a good option.

Big ones really don’t have a contact such as Google and Microsoft and there aren’t really smaller conglomerates. Any company that has expanded to Turkey is pretty big. Maybe people on the forum have a few points of contact?

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