How to find what regionals a team is registered for?

Is there an easy way to figure out what regionals a paticular team is registered for? or would we have to go through each regional individually and search for the team number?

i.e. Does anyone have a master database? or is there a way to do this off of the FIRST website?


Looks like your going to have to do it the hard way and search through each and every regional.
What I do first is go here so I can get an idea of how many regionals such and such a team is at.
Then I tour each of the nearest regionals to that team in hopes of finding them and then I search the other regionals. Don’t forget to check the championships as well.

In an effort to find out if some other teams were attending the same regional(s) we are planning on attending, I created a spreadsheet that you can sort in a variety of ways (e.g. by team number).

This list, which you can find HERE was generated from the official FIRST web site as of 20-January and is all of the teams for all of the regional events that FIRST had updated on their web site as of Jan 20th.

This list won’t be updated again, so if teams come and go from the regionals, be sure to check with teams individually.