How to fix corrupted roborio

While re-inaging our roboRIO 2.0, the battery on our robot died part way through.

And since that we haven’t been able to reimage the Rio, I’m wondering how it might be able to fix this, or possibly reimage the micro SD card directly.

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You could try flashing the sd card with balenaetcher, which should work since that’s the only user accessible flash memory. Im not entirely certain that this would fix it but it’s worth a try.

There are instructions for flashing the SD card. I’d usually recommend doing that over the imaging tool, as it’s a lot faster and often more reliable too.

And on a Rio 2, flashing the SD card reimages everything, so should definitely come back from the bad state.

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Yeah, we tried reimaging multiple times, but each time it said it couldn’t download the image to the Rio.

Thanks, I can try that tomorrow.

Have you run the imaging tool as an administrator? It’s a dumb question but it took my 5 unsuccessful flashes over 20 minutes to figure that out, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s done that.

Yeah, ran it as administrator, booted the Rio in safe mode, fully reinstalled, and used multiple laptops.

The USB stick recovery procedure isn’t applicable to the roboRIO 2

So we got it sorted out, when using balena etcher we still had problems, but when imaging it through terminal on one of our mentors laptops running Linux, we were able to get it to image successfully.


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