How to fix this problem on SysID2023

I select a JSON fie made from logger,and it shows that
[json.exception.out_of_range.403] key ‘slow-forward’ not found.
what can I do?

Your json file is likely empty (well, an object structure, but no actual data). I don’t know why it happened, but I’ve seen a few reports like that posted on CD recently.

I have tried so many times, and I want to use SysID to get some coefficients for my arms.

Did you try redeploying your config from the SysId Generator and then running your tests?

Do you mean my driver station should be test instead of teleoperate?

No, it should be in autonomous after you select a test.

What we did when system ID’ing our bot was first if we did change any values in the generator, we would save those values, close and reopen SysID, and then deploy their tests using the deploy button in the generate in SysID.

Then we would configure our logger and select a test. Then we go to driver station, select autonomous, and click enable to test the test. After we ran through all the tests, we chose our where we wanted our data saved then clicked save. At least that’s how we got our data json to analyze.

I will try it later, thanks :blush:

No problem! Make sure to reference the docs on SysId as it has visuals to what I described.